How to Get Gorgeous Straight Hair

If you are the one like me that have been tired of the waves in the hair, here we highly recommend you to read following tips to get gorgeous straight hair sitting at home. These methods not only help to achieve desirably straight hair, but also help to protect it from harsh chemicals as well. Let’s begin!

Lemon juice and coconut milk: There fresh fruits do work. Just add the lemon juice to coconut milk and put it into refrigerator for 1-4 hours, as long as the glass appear a thick foamy, then paint it to your hair and steam hair for 15-20 minutes. Repeat this process regularly to get straighter hair naturally.

Hair Dryer: Do not need to go to  salons or spas, you can do it at home too! Get a hair dryer and a good hair brush, which will stretch and hold your hair firmly in place. Comb your wet hair and while it is still wet, use hair brush to stretch a section of hair by rolling it in end and then blow dry it. You will see the result soon!

Simply straight: you can also take a try of this brush, with the ceramic wrapped bristles offering gentle heat around every strand, just comb your hair with this brush and you will get straight hair in few minutes. Straightening your hair is now as easy as brushing it!

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